Welcome to the True Image Gallery!

The True Image galleries consist of my previous commissions which include family and pet portraits. I have also completed house drawing commissions, landscape paintings, still life paintings and even a painting of a building site. This page showcases a selection of each type of commission I completed. To see a larger image and more information on each portrait, please click on the image.
To view more examples in each gallery, you can follow the links for people portraits gallery, pet portrait gallery in pencil and pet portrait gallery in acrylic. New completed paintings and drawings are added to the galleries constantly so be sure to check back in soon.

People Portraits in Acrylic

You can see more family portraits, paintings and drawings, in my people portraits gallery here.

People Portraits in Pencil

Pet Portraits in Acrylic

My pet portraits acrylic gallery showcases more animal paintings of horses, dogs and cats. Please follow here to see more.

Pet Portraits in Pencil

I have completed a lot of pencil portraits of mostly dogs, but also horses, cats and even some rabbits. You can see more in my pencil pet portraits gallery here.

Landscapes and House Portraits

Materials and Style

All artwork is hand painted or hand drawn using acrylic paints on stretched canvas or graphite pencil on quality Fabriano paper. I prepare a digital proof from client photographs and from the moment this is agreed, the rest of the portrait is completely hand made and unique. The portraits are detailed and realistic, capturing each subject's personality and character. Acrylic paintings are developed from thin layers of washes. Pencil drawings are layered with pencils of different hardness.


The blog features artwork that is just finished and off the easel. I take photographs of the work in progress and include these on the blog together with the reference photograph. I scan finished portraits and email these to the client for approval. The final payment is due upon final artwork approval by the client. See what is just off the easel here. Contact me anytime, if you would like to discuss your own commission or if you simply have a query or comments about this site. I am always happy to hear your suggestions and comments.