Welcome to the Acrylic Pet Portraits Gallery!

The paintings in this gallery are painted with acrylic on canvas. Acrylic is a wonderful medium, contemporary and vibrant. The texture of the paint and canvas create a truly unique portrait. I work in a loose style around the edges and a fine detail for the main subject.
The gallery shows a selection of some of my previous commissions, including dog portraits, cat portraits, horse and equine portraits and some landscape paintings.

I paint on fine grain stretched canvas. The paintings are very versatile when it comes to hanging, as they do not need to be framed.
I can add a full landscape background to your painting, or just a simple shaded background. Examples of each are shown below.
If you would like to commission your own unique portrait in full colour, contact me with your pictures today.

dog portrait of a bichon frise white curly hair dog in killiney bay at sunset

Toby the bichon frise dog at Killiney Bay
2022, 30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas
More information on Toby's pet portrait

red setter dog lying on a beach with kelp - dog portrait painting in acrylic on canvas

Painting of a Red Setter
2021, 30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas
Red setter dog on a beach with kelp

acrylic dog portrait painting of a shih tzu on a sandy beach in malahide dublin

Shih Tzu dog portrait
2021, 30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas
Shih Tzu on a sandy beach

brown horse in acrylic

Horse Painting
View the portrait of Arlie

jack russell painting in acrylic

Jack Russell
View the painting of Eddie

golden labrador retriever painting

Golden Labrador Retriever
View the portrait of Ripley

two springer spaniel dogs in acrylic

Two Springer Spaniels
View the portrait of Cody and Lucy

two bengal cats in acrylic

Two Bengal Cats
View the painting of Ben and Jerry

cocker spaniel painting

Two Cocker Spaniels
View the portrait of Honey and Nuala

german shepherd portrait in acrylic

German Shepherd
View the portrait of Bobby

cavachons portrait in acrylic

Two Cavachons Painting
View the portrait of Isa and Darcy

boy on a horse painting in acrylic

A Boy and a Horse
View the painting of Ryan and Jenny

black cat painting

Black Cat Painting
View the portrait of Phoenix

four black and white sheep in a field painting

Four Sheep
View the painting

chocolate labrador retriever dog in acrylic

Chocolate Labrador Retriever
View the portrait of Bobby

chihuahua portrait painting

View the portrait of Marley

two beagles portrait in pencil

White Horse
View the portrait

two german shepherds portrait painting

Two German Shepherds
View the portrait of Rocky and Mr. Fritz

springer spaniel in snow portrait painting

Springer Spaniel
View the portrait of Aidan

cat portrait painting

Cat Portrait
View the portrait of Nutmeg

white cat portrait painting

Cat Portrait
View the portrait of Kodi

golden labrador portrait painting

Golden Labrador
View the portrait of Goldie

Materials and Technique

I use artist quality acrylic paints on thin edge stretched canvas. The canvas I choose is fine grain. This allows me to really work in the detail. The paintings are painted in full colour.

I can work from more than one photograph. I often work from one reference for the subject and another for the background. I will always prepare a portrait proof before painting which shows exactly how the composition will work.

I work the background loosely, saving the detail for the main subject. This is to give the portrait more depth.

Painting Process

My starting point with any painting is a monotone sketch, usually using raw umber. When I have captured the subject, I move onto adding other colours, the background and finally the detailing of the main subject. The last step of the painting process usually takes the longest, I work around the painting moving from area to area constantly to preserve the harmony of colours. I keep to a limited pallete for the same reason.

The paintings are posted unframed. I paint the edges of the canvas with a colour that is prevalent in the painting, keeping it neutral at the same time.

jack russell terrier portrait painting

Jack Russell Terrier
View the portrait of George

fox terrier tinted portrait

View the portrait of Wrinkles

three horses in a field acrylic painting

Three Horses in a field
View the painting

beach landscape painting

Beach Landscape
View the painting

three cats painting

Three Cats Portrait
View the painting of Maggie, Ginger and Penny

boxer portrait painting

Boxer Portrait
View the portrait of George

german shepherd portrait painting

German Shepherd
View the portrait of Zeus

rottweiler dog portrait painting

View the portrait of Robin

dalmatian dog portrait painting

View the portrait of Alfred