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People and family portraits, portraits of children, couples, sport portraits and dog and cats portrait, horse portraits, landscape and house portraits in pencil or acrylic from your photos by a portrait artist in kilcock ireland
My name is Ivana and I am a professional portrait artist working from my studio in Kilcock, county Kildare in Ireland. I create hand painted and hand drawn people portraits and pet portraits from your photos. On this website you will find a gallery of my previously commissioned portraits and more information about the unique service I provide. I work closely with every client to create their pet or family portrait.

All artwork is completely hand drawn or hand painted by meand you can choose between acrylic paintings or pencil drawings, in colour or monochrome. Portraits are created from your photographs and you can adjust the composition to suit your requirements. I can use one image or combine a number of photos to create your memorable person or pet portrait. Contact me to order or discuss a portrait from your photos.

I am available for bespoke artwork too, including landscape paintings, sporting portraits and house and building illustrations. Email me at info@trueimage.ie to discuss your requirements.

What My Clients Say about their Portraits

"Hi Ivana, thanks for your wonderful drawing which arrived yesterday. Barry was absolutely stunned and so happy to receive such a personal gift and there were definitely a few tears shed. Thanks for all of your help. It's been such an easy process and such an amazing result. Many thanks, Val"
Val about a commission of her two teen children and two dogs as a birthday gift for her husband, Cabra, Dublin, Ireland, 2024

"Commissioned a drawing for my husband's birthday and he was over the moon when he saw it. Ivana was incredibly professional to work with and couldn't be happier with the result."
Rob about his commission of him and his husband at an amusement park, June 2024, Dublin, Ireland

A gallery of commissioned pencil pet portraits drawn from photos by a pet, dog and cat portrait artist

Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery

My pencil drawings gallery consists of previous commissions in graphite pencil on paper, including dog, cat, horse and pony portraits, even portraits of rabbits and birds. I work with artist quality graphite and coloured pencils to achieve the best possible result. I can combine a number of photographs to create a portrait of one or more pets. Pencil sketches come in a neutral coloured mount ready for your frame.

Cat, Dog, Horses and other Pets Portraits Gallery of Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Pet Portraits Gallery

View the acrylic paintings gallery of animal portraits painted with acrylics on fine stretched canvas, many in a beautiful landscape setting. It includes dog, cat, horse and other pets portraits created for clients worldwide. Capture the uniqueness of your pet in full colour! The paintings can be hung unframed as I work on stretched canvas 18 mm deep. You can email me your photos and I will prepare some portrait options for you.

People Portraits Gallery

People and Family Portraits Gallery

The people portraits gallery shows some examples of previously painted people and family portrait. I often work from multiple photographs to create a family portrait. The gallery includes wedding portraits, portraits of children, couples, group family portraits and portraits from vintage photographs. To date I have completed some portraits of well known personalities including Charlie Bird, Tom Parlon, Donal Og Cusack and Niall Moran.

"Hello Ivana, Oh I love it. It's perfect. Thank you so much again for all your time and effort to capture this memory for me. Could not be happier... I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful drawing and let you know my wife was ecstatic with it. I was so delighted by the reaction it got as she said "Omg, it's just perfect!" and shed tears of joy. It was more than I could have hoped for and is a credit to your talent. Thank you so much, Sean"
Sean on commissioning a family portrait drawing for his wife on their wedding anniversary, April 2024, Dublin, Ireland

Art Prints of Mount Errigal Painting now Available!

Pet and Family Portrait Testimonials-see what clients have to say about their portrait commissions

What My Clients Say

See what my previous clients have to say about their completed portrait commissions. I have been commissioned by clients in Ireland and worldwide, including the U.S., the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. You can see all the latest testimonials on my blog too.

Pet and Family Portrait Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

My Portrait Gift Vouchers make the perfect gift for any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. You can order a voucher for a specific value or choose a specific size and medium.

Art Portrait Blog showing new portrait and landscape commissions and art in progress

Art Blog

I post updates of recently finished artwork on my blog. I take photographs of the drawings or paintings during the process and post these on the blog. Never miss a new post by signing up to receive updates directly to your inbox! You can also follow me on Instagram.

If you would like to commission your own family or pet portrait or you would like to discuss your photos for a bespoke portrait, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling out my contact form or simply emailing your photographs or ideas to info@trueimage.ie.

"WOW! Ivana, it is incredible!
Amazing how you have captured Jerry, Matthew and Lenny so lifelike, the essence of each of them and the scenery is just beautiful. It brings me right back to the moment. I cannot wait to see it tomorrow! Thank you so much, I am so excited to give it to Jerry now as I know he will just be over the moon. I finally might have gotten a present right !"
Blathnaid on commissioning a family painting of her husband Jerry, son Matthew and dog Lenny as a 50th birthday gift for Jerry from their trip to Norway, Ardclough, Ireland, January 2024

Wedding portrait gifts painted and drawn from photos

Wedding Portraits

To date I have completed a large number of wedding portraits. Many of these have been commissioned as gifts for the couples in the portraits, others as gifts to their children after the parents have passed. What a great way to remember that special day for the family and the couples involved. They also make for a wonderful bespoke and unique wedding present from friends or family.
You can view some of the portraits in my Wedding Portraits Gallery.

Portrait paintings and sketches of people with their pets from photos

People with Pets

We just adore our pets and what better present for yourself or your friends and family than a unique portrait of them with their beloved companion. I can work from one or multiple photographs to create the most special keepsake for the pet owner. Commission your own gift or keepsake simply by contacting me with your photos and I will guide you through the entire portrait process. See some examples in my People and Pets Portraits Gallery here.

Riverside One building illustration drawing from photos

Landscapes, Buildings and Houses

House drawings, landscape paintings and building drawings are a great way to remember a special time or occasion in your life. I often create drawings of buildings commisioned as retirement gifts from colleagues or a painting of a special place a person holds dear. This unique gift means a lot to the person on the receiving end.
I have also created other unusual commissions, see them here.

Recent Testimonials

"Hi Ivana!
Wow it really looks like Buttons, you really captured her likeness - thanks so much!...a million thank yous for taking this commission - looking forward to having her at home :)"
Jasmine on commissioning an acrylic portrait painting of her grey mare Buttons, County Kildare, Ireland, June 2024"

If you would like to commission your own family or pet portrait or you would like to discuss your photos for a bespoke portrait, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling out my contact form or simply emailing your photographs or ideas to info@trueimage.ie.