Rathsallagh House Tinted Drawing

Reference Photograph


Portrait Information

Drawing size: 15 x 40 cm (6" x 16")
Medium: graphite and coloured pencil on paper
Year of Completion: 2015
Country: Ireland

About the Commission

The Rathsallagh house drawing was commissioned as a wedding gift for the couple married there in 2015. The client provided me with a really good reference photo. She wanted the drawing to reflect the mood of the morning when she took the photo.
There was some ground frost on the grass creating a blueish tint and the client wanted this shown in the picture. I used graphite and coloured pencils. To capture the shape of the house, I used a custom size of 15 x 40cm.

Client Feedback

"Hello - Ivana I only got a quick look at it this morning on my way out to work but I'm so so pleased with how it turned out... It really has turned out to be the perfect gift. Appreciate you doing it under such a short deadline, and to such a high standard. You're very talented... Such a professional service I'll be sure to think of you for future gifts.
Many thanks again"
Karen, Dublin, Ireland

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